• Accompaniment in the design and execution of the strategic plan that allows achieving the goals of said entity.

• This accompaniment is carried out throughout the period agreed by both parties and is a management where we integrate the client’s work team in order to obtain the proposed results.

-Capture of the Event
Support in the presentation of the Candidature of the Country

-Choice of Venues
Budgeting and impact measurement

Project Plan Development

-Marketing of the event
Definition and sale of sponsorship plans according to the needs of the event

Online and offline promotional campaign to increase the number of attendees

-Logistics and assembly of the event
Registration management

Scenographies and signage



Event App

Display area management

Logistics Program

Special activities

Tours for companions and VIP’s

Post Event

Project Creation and/or Analysis
Room layout
Preparation of the program
Proposal and selection of lunch and dinner menus (Snacks, coffee breaks, etc.)
Proposal of gifts for the assistants and the companions
Organization of Logistics
Management to Exhibition Area
Dissemination of the event