What is the Importance of Planning in Events?

To carry out a successful event, we must focus on the planning stage, this is the most important stage to achieve the proposed objectives.

Elizabeth Tovar elected to APEX COVID-19 Committee for Meetings Industry Council

The purpose of the Events Industry Council APEX Commission is to develop and implement industry-wide practices and standards to create and enhance effectiveness and efficiency throughout the global events industry.

Spotlight On – Elizabeth Tovar

Spotlight On tiene el honor de presentar a una de las mujeres más emblemáticas en la Industria de Reuniones del continente americano, Elizabeth Tovar, fundadora y presidenta de Turenlaces, y Secretaria General de COCAL. Es una ciudadana del mundo nacida en Venezuela que estudió en Italia para llegar a los Estados Unidos y finalmente crear su hogar en la República Dominicana.

SMEs related to tourism are experiencing a very difficult situation due to COVID-19

The president of the Dominican Association of Receptive Tourism Operators (Opetur), Elizabeth Tovar, asked President Danilo Medina to present some initiatives that seek to support the agencies that provide services to hotels and tourists.

Tour operators and agencies suggest measures to Danilo Medina

They also request as a compensatory measure, the immediate suspension of the ITBIS payment to allocate the funds to sustain the workload. They urgently require the development and socialization of a protocol, to act in case of having an employee or client with Coronavirus , to receive field training for them.

Elizabeth Tovar once again presides over OPETUR

The members of the Dominican Association of Receptive Tourism Operators (OPETUR) met to celebrate their Ordinary General Assembly, in which the unique plaque presented and headed by Elizabeth Tovar, who thus once again occupies this position of the entity that groups Receptive Tourism Operators.