SUCCESS STORY: Virtual Launch Dominican Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology (SDOG)

Turenlaces - Caso de exito


Dominican Society

of Obstetrics and Gynecology (SDOG)


Launch of the National Congress 2021


J&S Audiovisual, Dominican Republic


Virtual Event Design and Production; Audiovisual production

Due to restrictions due to COVID-19 such as quarantine, closing of hotels, restaurants and social distancing, the launch of the national congress that was usually held at a breakfast, attended by about 60 representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, could no longer be carried out.


Present the 2021 Congress, with a minimum of 10 months before the event, so that its sponsors can include it in their budget for the year.

This launch could not violate any of the current health provisions, however it had to reach as many participants as possible.


Designing a virtual launch with a different format than traditional videoconferences and webinars, so that it would be refreshing and that it would project a little of what we will have in the national congress.

In addition, we had to consider that the presentation should be made by 4 people: President of the Society, President of the Scientific Committee, President and Business Director of Turenlaces, each of these people were in different places.


After raising the objectives of the event, defining the ideal format to get the message across and how we wanted to interact with the participants, we did a work session with the J&S Audiovisual team and designed an event that met all the requirements.

Using an innovative platform for the first time in the country, 2 separate virtual studios were created, to guarantee social distancing and we guarantee a good internet connection, since the format would be 100% live. One of the presenters was included by videoconference, since because he was high risk, he could not leave his home.

The knowledge and experience of our partner was a very important part, since the measurement of connectivity, lighting, sound and having the necessary equipment, guaranteed a smooth transmission. Along with this, the review of the step-by-step program and the trials were the key to success.


We increased the scope of the event from 60 to 360 participants, generating 720 views of the event on the day it was held.

We had participation from the Dominican Republic, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia and the United States.

Thanks to the platform’s adaptable format, participants were able to connect from the devices of their choice: Cellular 57%, Computer 40%, Tablet 2.8%, TV 0.2%.



The 2021 National Congress could be launched within the ideal time that this type of event deserves, following all the protocols, guaranteeing the health of participants and the team.


The headquarters of many of the invited companies located in Latin America, had access to the event in the front row.


Representatives who did not participate in the event live, were able to enjoy it on demand throughout the day.


It allowed more than one company representative to receive the information directly from the source, which in person is limited by space and budget issues.