Article published on March 30 via Arecoa

The president of the Dominican Association of Receptive Tourism Operators (Opetur), Elizabeth Tovar, asked President Danilo Medina to present some initiatives that seek to support the agencies that provide services to hotels and tourists.

She indicated that currently, Dominican SMEs and MSMEs, especially those related to the tourism sector, are experiencing a very difficult situation due to the incidence of COVID-19, which is why he understands that, until now, the president has not announced any type of help for the referred segment.

Given the situation, Tovar said that the sector will live two stages: “The first is that we have closed our borders, therefore, many hotels are not working, causing great losses to many agencies that provide services.”

“The second part is that the government has neither announced nor taken into account the tourism operating sector. Apparently he has forgotten that tourism is a gear and that gear requires incentives, as hoteliers have been given which also need it, “he explained.

She said that entrepreneurs in the tourism sector are so important, such as entrepreneurs, SMEs and MSMEˋs, “and to conclude this bad streak that the sector is experiencing, due to the coronavirus, and tourism begins to reactivate, we will not have how to comply with the demand for services that can be presented, ”he said.

“I reiterate, we need some kind of incentive or facility to be announced, since this important line of tourism needs it,” Tovar said when asked by Touring with Salvador.