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What is the Importance of Planning in Events?

To carry out a successful event, we must focus on the planning stage, this is the most important stage to achieve the proposed objectives.

Elizabeth Tovar elected to APEX COVID-19 Committee for Meetings Industry Council

The purpose of the Events Industry Council APEX Commission is to develop and implement industry-wide practices and standards to create and enhance effectiveness and efficiency throughout the global events industry.

Spotlight On – Elizabeth Tovar

Spotlight On tiene el honor de presentar a una de las mujeres más emblemáticas en la Industria de Reuniones del continente americano, Elizabeth Tovar, fundadora y presidenta de Turenlaces, y Secretaria General de COCAL. Es una ciudadana del mundo nacida en Venezuela que estudió en Italia para llegar a los Estados Unidos y finalmente crear su hogar en la República Dominicana.


Slide We support associations
to achieve their goals
with the organization of conferences, updating sessions,
social responsibility activities, among others.

Slide We support companies
to enhance your brand,
convey their goals,
improve customer relationships,
and encourage their collaborators,
through communication strategies in their events.

Slide We provide advice
with search and selection
of hotels and / or excursions adapted to your needs and budget.

Slide We guide you,
using a search
specialized in the destination,
with information of interest
that will allow you to enjoy
your trip
safely, confidently,
in a timely and orderly fashion.


Maintain our company with updated and trained human capital with a focus on results, in order to achieve complete customer satisfaction and fulfillment of the proposed goal.


To be recognized as a leading Professional Congress, Convention and Event Operator in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Who We Are

More than 25 years of experience as a Professional Congress, Convention and Event Operator, support the passion for what we do.

We manage customized solutions to achieve your goals efficiently.

Behind every strategy and planning, there is a team of specialized professionals who work with one goal: the success of your event.

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Excellent travel agency, especially to organize congresses and large-scale events, super trained and friendly staff.
Miguel Saenz

Miguel Saenz

Trained staff who know what they are doing.
Juan Manuel Peguero Fernandez

Juan Manuel Peguero Fernandez

Very friendly and professional people. They gave us a great welcome and were very open and honest in the treatment.
Cesarina Rosell

Cesarina Rosell

I love how they treat their clients. 🤗😀
Tania Zorrila

Tania Zorrila