We support companies to enhance their brand, transmit their goals, improve the relationship with the client, and encourage their collaborators, through communication strategies at their events.


We support associations to achieve their objectives with the organization of congresses, update sessions, social responsibility activities, among others.


We guide you, through a specialized search in the destination, with the information of interest that will allow you to enjoy the trip with safety, confidence, time and order.



Convention is a meeting organized by a company for its collaborators, with the purpose of transmitting the objectives, projects and strategies of the company for the next period, generating an exchange of ideas for new businesses, transmitting results, as well as promoting cohesion and satisfaction of its collaborators. The success of the convention will depend on its execution, the detailed planning of each step in the process will make communication effective with your team, for this we become your allies and support you in carrying out:

>> Support in the conceptualization process so that it meets the objectives

>> Hiring of national and international Speakers

>> Venue Selection

>> Setting Scenography

>> POP material

>> Audiovisual production

>> General logistics of the event


The incentive program consists of a reward to motivate and / or reward employees, customers, suppliers or partners of a company. It is an activity that seeks to create and stimulate interpersonal relationships, promote the values associated with the company, enhance the feeling of belonging, recognize the work done or the fulfillment of goals and loyalty to the brand.

We become your allies for the personalized design and development of a successful incentive program, always aligned with your objectives.

> > Program design

> Raising objectives

> Program design and internal communication plan

> > Implementation

> Launch

> Establishment of monitoring mechanisms

> > Follow-up

> Warm ups

> Alerts

> Special Promotions

> > Award

> Awards event

> Execution of the program (Prize)

> > Post-Event

> Video and photos of the experience

> Post Event Survey

> > Launch of the New Target

Product or Service Launch

The launches are events with the sole purpose of presenting a new product and / or service to the public, and during the same to captivate the interest of the guests through experiences of impact that remain in the memory. Many details must be considered to achieve a successful launch, from the invitation to the event to how the presentation and interaction of the public with the new product or service will be, and as its allies, we take care of designing the experiences that meet the objectives and guidelines of the brand.

>>Event design proposal according to the client’s vision

>>Hiring masters of ceremony

>>Venue Selection




>>Audiovisual production

>>General logistics of the event

>>Media coverage

Team Building

Team building or team building is a set of activities or experiences that seeks to form or develop high-performance teams, and for this the activities are designed in order to promote teamwork, improve interpersonal relationships, improve communication, better productivity, in addition to increasing the feeling of belonging to the company. When identifying the need for team building, we focus on identifying its objectives and developing experiences that allow the activities to be successful. We offer solutions that range from:

>>Proposal of activities according to the established objectives

>>Hiring of coaches and/or professionals for the activities

>>Venue selection

>>Management of accommodation reservations and transfers


>>General logistics of the event

>>Proposal of gifts and/or articles to be used in the activities.

>>Photographic and video coverage of the experience

Corporate Parties

A corporate party can be held to celebrate achievements, important events, create or improve the brand experience, promote a product or service, among others. To meet the objectives of the celebration, detailed planning is required that is effective in transmitting the message to the guests and for this, we support them with:

>>Event design adapted to the objectives

>>Proposal of topics

>>Venue selection

>>Recruitment of master of ceremonies


>>Audiovisual production

>>Hiring and coordination of Entertainment

(orchestras, dancers, entertainers, crazy hours, among others.)

>>General logistics of the event

>>Video and photos of the event



Congresses are academic and/or professional events regularly organized by specialized organizations or for specific purposes. There are many reasons for organizing a congress, from promoting constant updating in professionals, strengthening relationships between participants with common interests, presenting new advances and/or discoveries, to exposing and / or debating multiple topics of common interest.

Our main objective is to support you in the fulfillment of the set goals and with this, achieve the success of your event, and for this we carry out:

>>Program design

>Support in the presentation of the Candidacy of the Country

>> Venue selection

>Budgeting and impact measurement

>>Project Plan development

>>Event marketing

>Definition and sale of sponsorship plans according to the needs of the event

> Online and offline promotional campaign to increase the number of attendees

>> Logistics and assembly of the event

> Record handling

> Scenography and signage

> Audiovisual

> Translation

> Event APP

> Exhibition area management

> Logistics Program

> Special activities

> Tours for companions and VIPs

> Post Event

Conferences and Seminars

Unlike the Congresses, the conferences and seminars have a short duration (1 day), and their purpose, in the case of the Conference, is to deal with a specific and current topic, which will be developed in a program of activities. As for the seminars, it is to develop a study or deep specialization on a certain discipline or topic.

To achieve these objectives, we support them in the realization of:

>>Event Capture

>> Hiring of national and international Speakers

>> Venue Selection

>> Setting Scenography

>> POP material

>> Audiovisual production

>> General logistics of the event

Trade Shows & Sports Events

A trade show is an economic, social or cultural event where services, products and/or experiences are exhibited at the end and all in the same place. It facilitates the public, access to the largest number of offers, of that item or area, existing in the market.

For its part, a sporting event is an activity where participants are invited to carry out some physical and/or recreational activity with the aim of achieving or supporting a common cause. Today, multiple companies organize sporting events to strengthen and maintain their clients’ relationship with the brand, while supporting a common goal.

It is our greatest interest to achieve the successful execution of these type of events, and for this we offer the following solutions:

>>Choice of Venues

>Budgeting and impact measurement

>>Project Plan development

>>Event marketing

>Definition and sale of sponsorship plans according to the needs of the event

>Online and offline promotional campaign to increase the number of attendees

>>Logistics and assembly of the event

>Record handling

>Scenography and signage

>Audiovisual Exhibition area management

>Logistics Program

>Special activities


The constant updating and/or specialization, and the search for new opportunities have always been part of the motivation to participate in international events, however, the process for reservations or registrations can be extensive.

Our team of professionals are your allies to obtain personalized advice, which will allow you to travel with the safety of an expert.

>>Specialized search and issuance of air tickets

>>Assistance in visa processing

>>Management of accommodation reservations and transfers at the destination

>>Register at the event

>>Coordination of tours and experiences

>>Issuance of Travel Insurance




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