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Maintain our company with updated and trained human capital with a focus on results, in order to achieve complete customer satisfaction and compliance with the proposed goal.


To be recognized as a Professional Operator of Congresses, conventions and leading events in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Transparency, Excellence, Responsibility and Innovation

A little history about us:

In 1992 a Dominican woman with extensive experience in tourism, María Rosa Mella and a Venezuelan nationalized American without experience in tourism but with much experience in entrepreneurship, Elizabeth Tovar came together to create the first professional operator dedicated to congresses, conventions and events TURENLACES DEL CARIBE , SRL

It seemed a great idea to professionalize something as complex as the Meeting Industry in the Dominican Republic, but nevertheless it was a real titanic struggle to make the company take off because the hotels were full with tour operators who stayed 15 days, there were no rooms in most of the hotels, except in three or four of the Capital and much less Convention Centers.

After 6 months of inactivity, we began to receive national and international clients who began to see the benefits of a Professional Congress Operator.

As of 1993, the company grew every year, highlighting year by year as the benchmark for the meetings industry in the country and one of the most active and respected in Latin America.

María Rosa died untimely in 2002. However, the knowledge transmitted by her to Elizabeth Tovar, in addition to the multiple international certifications accumulated by her in everything related to the Meeting Industry, allowed the consolidation and leadership of TURENLACES DEL CARIBE, S.R.L. Who in his almost 30 years of history has made more than 600 events, obtaining more than 9 international awards for quality, a National Tourism Award and the only Quality Certification to an PCO granted by the Government of the Dominican Republic.